ARDR THERAPY has been established to provide therapists who deal with a wide variety of trauma clients. We provide a powerful set of audio based tools to assist in memory recall and resolution. This is not just EMDR through audio. Trauma is an emotional event and the emotive aspects of music are able to evoke a variety of feelings. We know that music can bring on a variety of sensations. National anthems are designed to be emotional. Just saying the words Jaws brings back the intensity we felt when we saw that movie for the first time.

Lanny Williamson, the creator of ARDR, has been involved in the music and movie business for over 55 years. His credits are vast and range from Apocalypse Now to Alice Cooper to Ben E. King and thousands more as an audio engineer, producer and studio designer. Over the past 20 years he has been the creative concept originator of frequency-based technology in pursuit of health, wellness, meditation, emotional support, and stress related issues reflecting modern day life. His relaxation and mediation compositions are being shipped with a variety of bio-feedback devices.

Like Francine Shapiro, 40 years ago, Lanny discovered that memories can be stimulated by using bilateral stimulation. By creating compositions with a specific mood and character style at specific fundamental frequencies with perfectly matched harmonics coupled with varying bilateral stimulation, deeply hidden memories could be recalled and then dealt with.


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