Back in 1987. Francine Shapiro had the inspirational idea that eye movements could be used to trigger negative emotions associated with distressing memories. That idea spawned EMDR, the revolutionary therapy for treating traumas like PTSD. Lanny Williamson took the base concept of EMDR, linking the two hemispheres in the brain, and created an audio technology that helps dig even deeper into trauma memories and called it ARDR.

Trauma is a deep emotional response to an event or events. ARDR uses the emotive power of audio to unlock distressing memories. Specific frequencies are used as the base to create a core energy throughout the composition. Then, proprietary harmonic convergence is added to energize audio perception and emotional attachment. Finally, audio panoramic intensity manipulation is added. To the listener, the orchestral sound travel and placement, parallels the concept of hand movement visualization and tapping found in EMDR.

ARDR initiates a reflex stimulation through the auditory system which is involuntary and is creatively designed as a positive and pleasing musical composition. Panning technology is crucial to the success of ARDR. It consists of moving the composition from left ear to right ear, which stimulates the brain’s hemispheres called bilateral stimulation, similar to the traditional EMDR visual focus. In doing so, this technology creates cognizance to opposing brain hemispheres. ARDR programing adjusts speed, placement and amplitude of the audio image and by prolonging the extreme placement and extending the duration, it creates greater cognizance to opposing brain hemispheres.

Audio is much more emotionally engaging with less distractions than visual techniques. One key to the success of ARDR is listening at the proper decibel level for the composition. As elaborated below, there is a sweet spot for the loudness. To achieve the optimal sound level, each ARDR composition is calibrated to a specific playback device and coupled to limited number of high quality headphones. Many higher end consumer headphones have too much bass and distort the harmonics required for an optimal session.

ARDR clients receive a highly intensive audio journey yet, the experience is both pleasant and relaxing. They are exposed to important wellness properties from the chosen frequencies and complex harmonic structures through the use of our SOLiCE compositional technology as described below. Over the past 2 years, client feedback reflects a success rate of over 85%.


SOLiCE is the underlying compositional technology that underpins ARDR. It uses specific sound frequencies to modulate and affect particular regions of the human body, especially regions that have somehow been altered either physically, chemically or emotionally. These same, exact tones have been recognized over time to assist healing, wellness and stress relief for a multitude of human disorders in a number of cultures throughout history. It is interesting to note that prior to adding ARDR elements to our compositions, some listeners of SOLiCE compositions would recall repressed memories.

Science shows us that different fluid densities in our body require specific frequencies to resonate and regulate them. Just as a microwave appliance vibrates the frequency of water molecules to activate a reaction, SOLiCE tones vibrate different densities of fluids in the body affecting wellness and stress. It is fully acknowledged that we respond and react readily to smell, taste and touch. SOLiCE frequency based compositions add the physics of cellular modulation to that equation. Specific audio frequencies have differing effects allowing users to experience positive physical and emotional wellness benefits simply by listening. In many ways, SOLiCE compositions provide the benefits of meditation by simply relaxing and listening. Most listeners slow their breathing and heart rates without even being aware.

"Since the comprehension of sweet sound is our most indefinite conception, music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry. Music without the idea is simply music. Without music or an intriguing idea, colour becomes pallor, man becomes carcass, home becomes catacomb, and the dead are but for a moment motionless." Edgar Allan Poe, 1831

Spending 12-30 minutes per day with a SOLiCE composition has proven to relieve stress and anxieties, improve or replace traditional meditation, and create a feeling of wellness entirely without the use of harmful chemicals or medicinal therapies. Some users have reported overall reduced anxiety levels. Resonating bowls, gongs, bells and even the human voice through song and chanting have been used in assisting healing and wellness for thousands of years. SOLiCE technology intensifies the effectiveness of venerable foregone techniques to amplify and expand universal audio based wellness.


Your ears translate messages and meaning to your heart, soul and inner spirit. Unfortunately, your hearing is the weakest link. If you listen too quietly, you miss the nuance of both the high and low frequencies which contain important subtleties of the performance. If you listen too loud, the high and low frequencies become overwhelming and crucial frequencies cloud the meaning and intricacies of the piece. So, what to do? Simple, recognize that the ear has a sweet spot or a sound pressure level that is not too soft and not too loud, like Goldilocks, JUST RIGHT. This anomaly is defined by what is known as the FLETCHER MUNSON CURVE, a silly name, but the standard listening level for sound and audio professionals worldwide. So why would you want to listen at a specific loudness? Well, so you don’t miss a thing! In the movies the loudest part of the soundtrack commonly contains the most production value and the quietest, the subtlety. Same with SOLiCE. Our compositions have incredible dynamics, infinitely more than other compositions out there. To get the most out of them, be prepared to listen at a reasonable volume. Not quietly, not blasting, but at a level that delivers detail, comfort, emotional satisfaction and maximum involvement. Each one of our ARDR compositions is calibrated to a specific amplification to maximize the impact on the listener.

Finally, SOLiCE is laden with immense harmonic content and frequency response. Our highs are ultrasonic and lows, subsonic, which means that the intensity of our production is beyond vibrant. Listening level is important, but equally, the quality of your listening system dictates the emotional attachment to every composition. The better the quality of your system or headphones the more you will enjoy, appreciate and be involved in the production’s true value. Of course, listening to a SOLiCE composition on a regular system delivers benefits. To gain all of the benefits, it is best to use a high quality audio system. Unfortunately most MP3s as well as YouTube audio are of such poor quality that they do not allow you to experience the full SOLiCE wellness spectrum. For ARDR, we require therapists to use approved audio playback devices and headphones. Luckily, we have identified affordable options at a variety of price points that meet our exacting requirements.