I truly believe Lanny has his finger on the pulse of a cutting-edge therapeutic experience. I found after years of talking about my problems to various licensed professionals, I was simply fanning the fire. I felt like I was repeating the same issues and patterns again and again. After a handful of ARDR sound therapy sessions, I now feel an ongoing sense of clarity and presence that is new to me. I have never felt this calm! I feel extremely grateful for Lanny’s ARDR sessions. His unique music therapy has literally changed my life and I can handle life’s curveballs without crumbling into dismal drama these days. M


I went through a highly tumultuous experience that lasted two years. It left me edgy, very anxious, then full on depression set in. I didn’t want to see or talk with anyone. It was one of the darkest times of my life. Then one day in May, ARDR was introduced to me. I was apprehensive at first, of course, but after my first session, I was more at ease. After about 4 sessions I could think clearer, I was more motivated and no longer afraid or anxious. I felt confident to take on the world. I was full-on back to working out regularly, reading, getting up early and I even started a new business venture. I continue to do ARDR sporadically as maintenance, and I know the effects are going to last me a lifetime. D


Honestly right now, I am just grateful. I’ve spent too much time being emotional and confused and secretly angry. So instead of anger or sadness, I really just feel relief and gratitude. I can’t explain this feeling. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I am not excited. I am not sad. I am not flustered or anxious or pacing or... anything. I am so calm, and as I’m writing this, I almost want to cry a little. I am so at peace, Lanny. I never even knew this was a possibility - I couldn’t have imagined it. I am so very, very grateful. N


After my first ARDR session I slept straight through the night. Previous to this I would wake up every night and sometimes not be able to go back to sleep. In addition, after my first session, my anxiety was noticeably reduced. After multiple sessions, I continued to notice improvement in anxiety levels, increased focus and concentration, as well as better productivity. Mood regulation and general outlook were better as well. I recently completed a quantitative EEG while undergoing an AUDIOMETRIX LABS ARDR session. A quantitative EEG is a way to quantify the function of the brain with the resolution of a functional MRI scan. It allows for analyzing communication and processing efficiency within the brain. That was further evidence that ARDR sessions are helping with trauma reduction. I cannot say enough about the positive impact it has had on my mental health. Thanks! S.


I cry through the whole first time through, it feels like such a release of grief, sadness, trauma, second session deepens, and third one, I go to the ‘void’ where I feel the healing begins to happen. I cry with gratitude and love, then, I feel settled, peaceful, and today so grateful for the soul love I experienced with my Beloved Rick. Both yesterday and today were filled with Executor responsibilities and Ricks company responsibilities so much so that my brain was overly full by lunch. After lunch was a perfect time for my ARDR therapy. After that, I am so much better, brain coherence, heart coherence, and wholeness. Wow! Powerful. What a wonderful shift! I wanted you to know how profound an impact it has had on my healing and journey to wholeness in just two days! I expect in time and soon, it will help restore my quality sleep. L.


I was diagnosed with mercury, Lyme Babesia/Coxsackie Virus; in other words, several issues affecting my brain. I was experiencing head pressure continuously. I would manage brain fog by way of foods, ozone saunas and IV for heavy metals. Meditation would allow moments of calmness. but I felt I needed extra. I was blessed to be introduced to Lanny and his ARDR technology. The moment was right, the blessings abundant. The world of sound and the healing effects on me have been a wonderful tool for calming the brain and nervous system. It allows me to just be me. Thank you once again for allowing me your time and expertise in the world of sound therapy. I am back into the vibrational feelings in my body and turned on to sound meditation music Lanny put together. ARDR instantly calmed my nerves. I cannot get any luckier than that. R.